Beloved community hub, The Welch Fusilier in Wrexham, has shown remarkable commitment to supporting local fundraisers, and is off to a flying start, having raised over £1,500 for local charity ‘Cherish Wrecsam’ via their highly-anticipated annual pool competition. The much-loved Craft Union pub has been named a weekly winner in the pub company’s wider endeavour to raise £1 million in donations across its sites nationwide.

Craft Union are currently running their ‘Make it a Million’ campaign, following the result of their fundraising efforts last year, having raised an awesome £800,000 for a wide range of worthy causes. The leading pub company has made it their mission to smash their record and raise a phenomenal 1 million pounds for various charities across its extensive UK pub network by February 2025.

Wrexham’s The Welch Fusilier is a well-loved local that is prospering in its efforts to raise much needed funds for commendable local causes. The community hub recently held their buzzing annual pool competition, raising a fantastic £1,500 for Cherish Wrecsam, a charity close to the pub’s heart after the loss of one of its own cherished customers.

The competition kicked off with raffles to get the excitement brewing, in which the customers were able to take part in donating for a chance to win. After this, customers were able to jump into a pool knock out tournament, raising a terrific sum for the chosen charity and crowning this year’s winner of The Welch Fusilier annual pool competition. The competition saw a great turnout and succeeded in hosting fundraising fun in memory of a beloved member of the Wrexham community.

Whilst The Welch Fusilier’s annual pool tournament is a tremendous fundraising event, the Wrexham favourite is also hosting a range of other ongoing charitable activities and invites members of the community to get involved. The pub will be running fun-filled activities such as football card sales, and raffles to raise funds in further support of local causes.

Customers of the much-loved pub have been exceptional in their involvement and are eager to offer support to the incredibly important fundraising. The pub hopes to continue bringing together its customers in and welcomes members of the community to get involved with the games in support of such a moving purpose.

The Welch Fusilier has been highlighted as a terrific fundraising community hub after the teams’ outstanding work for local charities. The local gem is keen to continue advocating for its community and is flourishing in its wonderful fundraising efforts. Members of the Wrexham public can find exciting fundraising activities taking place regularly at the local favourite and are invited to take part and share in the community activity.