Laying Hens Policy

Since 01 January 2012, all laying hen cages used in member states must be of the enriched variety. This provides improved conditions for laying hens (European Union Directive 1999/74/EC).

At Stonegate Group animal welfare is really important to us as a business. All of our whole shell eggs have been produced in accordance with UK and EU law and the British Lion Quality Code of Practice.

Currently more than half of our brands use free range shell eggs, with the remainder using enriched cage eggs.

Although enriched cage offers an improved environment over the barren battery cage, allowing hens to perform the natural behaviours, we acknowledge as a business we can still improve. This is why Stonegate Group is committed to achieving 100% free range shell eggs within all our brands by 2020.

We are also currently reviewing all of our bespoke ingredient egg products with our suppliers and are committed to only using free range eggs within these by 2025, throughout our estate.