It is something that every women goes through, however it’s not often something that is talked about between friends, family or partners. The menopause is a subject that many find it hard to open up about, however Penny who operates The Kingfisher pub in Ipswich, has started a fantastic initiative to get local women talking.


After speaking to a number of their customers Penny and her mother Debbie realised that many other women were going through the same struggles as they were. On discovering the lack of communication on the subject, they’ve decided to launch a support group, for women to share their stories, seek advice and support each other through their journey.


Whilst not an official line of seeking help, they are finding that those involved are already feeling like they have had a weight lifted by being able to open up on the subject that effects every women.

Penny Youngs-Debnam of The Kingfisher Pub said “Every women deals with the menopause in their own way yet there doesn’t seem to be any help or support given within a community. That’s where we thought a support group could help as there is nothing like that in the local area currently set up. It’s all about getting people talking about what their own experiences are, and how their own remedies they use can help their symptoms. It really is about empowering women to open up and find Solis in sharing their experiences with each other.”

Should you want to get involved with the support group feel free to pop in and speak with Penny at The Kingfisher on Hawthorn Drive, who will notify you when the next group meet is.