The team at Reflex on George Hudson Street in York has recruited 12 new members of staff as the popular bar closes to make way for an investment of over £220,000 which will see the bar open under a new name and a new offer, Popworld.

Closing after trading on Sunday 11th August, Popworld will reopen to the public on Wednesday 21st August and will celebrate their official opening on Friday 30th August with a special live performance from former members of S Club 7, Jo O’Meara and Bradley McIntosh.

The transformation to Popworld, which is owned and operated by the Stonegate Pub Company, will see the introduction of a state-of-the-art sound and lighting system and four new VIP booths which come with their own dance floor and waitress service throughout the night, ensuring that guests never have to queue at the bar for a drink.

The booths, which are going to be the height of comfort and luxury, are perfect for large groups wanting to celebrate a great night out. Customers will be able to relax in stylish surroundings and enjoy the evening, knowing that they’ll be looked after and served drinks by the fantastic team at Popworld. To book, customers can either contact Popworld directly or email them to make a booking at

Tony Collins, general manager of Reflex said: “We’re delighted that we’re bringing Popworld to York and we’re confident that the bar will be a success with our great party nights, fantastic customer service and delicious sharing cocktails called Partinis. Not only do they taste great, they look good too with elaborate garnishes and they provide a real element of theatre. We’ll also be offering our customers a great range of iconic single bottles to share with friends.

“People from far and wide love coming to Reflex because of our party music and that won’t change, we’ll simply be broadening the genre of music that we play, spanning three decades.

“As people have been finding out that we’re closing for a refurbishment, one of the first questions they ask me is whether the revolving dance floor will still be in the bar. It’s an iconic, popular feature of the bar and I’m delighted to say that it will continue to be a key focal point.

“The whole Popworld experience is all about our team taking care of our customers so that they have a memorable night and want to return time after time. One of our team members summed up Popworld perfectly. They said it’s like being at a wedding party but without the wedding. You can dance like no one is watching, sing your heart out and everyone feels relaxed and safe.”