16TH October, 7pm-9pm

The Farmers Boy in Brickendon will be hosting a ‘Menopause Café’ on Monday 16th October from 7pm-9pm for women in the local area to find out more and raise awareness around the Menopause.


An experienced volunteer from the Menopause Café Charity will be attending the Farmers Boy to provide a session for local women going through menopause to come together and discuss the effects and symptoms of the natural bodily change. The session will give attendees the chance to find out the best ways to deal with menopause and the awful side effects that come with it.


After seeing the menopause café take place around Brickendon, General Manager of The Farmers Boy Rachel reached out to the charity to offer the pub a space to host a session. The Menopause Café Charity has set up many menopause cafés around the country to provide much-needed support for those experiencing the change.


General Manager Rachel Drury said: “We are delighted to be hosting the menopause café, it is so important for women experiencing menopause to be able to unite with others also going through it. So often, women are not provided with enough support through menopause and we want to change that. We hope to shine a light on such an important topic and can’t wait to see everyone there!”


Rachel plans to host more menopause cafés and is planning to get partners of those going through the menopause involved, with sessions to understand the menopause and to learn ways to support them through it.


The Farmers Boy is not stopping there and will also be hosting an array of other events in the lead-up to Halloween and Christmas including a Barn Dance on Friday 20th October to thank local farmers and will include a DJ and a photo area with haystacks. Also, an incredible firework event on the 4th of November to celebrate Bonfire Night which will feature music and a selection of drinks.


To find out more about the upcoming events at The Farmers Boy, check out their website.

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