The Foresters, on Victoria Road in Horley, is hosting a charity darts competition to raise money for the upcoming extension of the Neonatal Unit at the East Surrey Hospital. The pub has been supporting the initiative over the last few months and has already raised over £1000 to help fund the project.

The competition costs £5 to enter and registration commences at 7pm before proceedings kick off at 7.30pm.  There will be two rounds, one ‘best-of-three’ and one ‘best-of-five’ to decide a winner. The top-spot stands to win half of the pot, with the other half going straight to charity. The Foresters will be donating prizes for second and third places in the form of two generous bar tabs.

Jack Turner, Deputy Manager of the Foresters and organiser of the competition will also be running a raffle and an auction during the evening with a signed Phil Taylor darts set, two signed t-shirts, a giant Olaf Teddy and much more up for grabs.

Jack said: “There’s been a whole lot of interest online for our competition already. We have a lot of regulars who enjoy playing a bit of darts when they come in, so adding a bit of competitive energy to that I think is a no-brainer!

“We’ll continue to support the fund for the Neonatal Unit at East Surrey Hospital for as long as it takes. It is an amazing cause to get behind as they directly support families in the area. One in ten babies are born prematurely and with 4,500 families having children in the area annually, that is more than 400 babies that the unit will be providing invaluable care for. That makes me particularly determined and proud of our fundraising achievement.”

Jack’s fundraising is part of his participation in Stonegate Pub Company’s ‘Accelerator Programme’. The course is part of its award-winning development programme, designed to give staff the skills and knowledge they need to succeed and proceed within the company. When he graduates in early December, he will be eligible for a management role.

Date: Thursday 30th January

Time: 7pm

The Foresters, 88 Victoria Road, Horley RH6 7AB