Stonegate Group, the UK’s largest pub company and operator of LGBTQ+ venues in the UK, is taking part in this year’s Birmingham Pride on Saturday 25th May. The parade will see 80 colleagues from across Stonegate, including CEO David McDowall, site teams, publicans, operators and support teams, come together to display their unity and celebrate Pride.

As part of its ongoing commitment to encourage inclusivity across the board, Stonegate Group will proudly feature a vibrant, themed float in the parade, showcasing its popular brands in Birmingham and signalling ongoing commitment to promoting safe and inclusive pubs, bars and venues across the UK.

Showcasing branded bars and venues including Be At One, Slug & Lettuce, Walkabout, Popworld, Reflex and Rosies, the Stonegate float will keep the pride crowd entertained with an array of music from a live DJ and a fabulous performance from Karla Bear, winner of Drag Idol 2019 and Aussie sensation.

David McDowell, CEO of Stonegate Group, said, “We are incredibly proud to be part of Birmingham Pride, a celebration that perfectly aligns with our mission to bring people together. Our venues have always been safe spaces, offering every guest the warmest welcome and encouraging them to be their true selves. This event is a great opportunity to show our support for the LGBTQ+ community and to celebrate diversity and inclusivity.”

Stonegate’s team will be easily recognisable in their themed t-shirts which embody the spirit of pride and solidarity, and proudly shine a light on their ‘Serving With Pride’ campaign which is set to run throughout June.

Stonegate Group’s extensive network of venues have long been integrated into the fabric of the LGBTQ+ community, providing not just entertainment, but a sense of belonging and support. Their participation in Birmingham Pride highlights their dedication to these values and their role as a safe and inclusive provider of venues for the community.

Join Stonegate Group this weekend at Birmingham Pride for a celebration of love, diversity and unity as their focus remains on continuing to build inclusive spaces where everyone is welcome.